Employer Engagement Tips from PEP’s Workforce Development Experience

As we all know, employer engagement is a top priority for any workforce development organization or program. Through supporting 150+ U.S. Department of Labor, Employment and Training Administration grantees, Performance Excellence Partners, LLC (PEP) saw first-hand the challenges workforce programs face in securing employer partners.

We compiled the information we used when supporting grantees into this brief guide for the workforce development community and anyone who needs to engage employer partners. It includes tips for the crucial task of connecting the workforce to the work and connecting employers to qualified job candidates. You’ll find useful information on identifying and recruiting employer partners, initiating relationships, and developing and maintaining those relationships, as well as the types of behavior you can expect and activities you can plan at each stage of your employer partnership.

We appreciate your efforts and wish you all the best as you help our nation get back to work!

Access our Employer Engagement Tip Sheet for Workforce Organizations and check our Workforce Development capabilities.


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