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Our Leadership

PEP’s team is comprised of a variety of professionals from diverse backgrounds.  We believe that a solid management team, professional consultants & associates, and talent from key partners are critical to the success of PEP and delivery of superior services to our clients.


Photo of Rachel Ramirez

Rachel E. Ramirez

CEO and President

Rachel is a proven leader and successful entrepreneur with extensive public and private sector experience who started her career in workforce development which cultivated her interest in helping people create careers. Under Rachel’s guidance, PEP grew from a one-person operation to a high-performing business with multiple prime contracts. Her focus now is on maximizing PEP’s contract vehicles, cultivating relationships with clients/partners, and ensuring exceptional service delivery. Her ability to instill a commitment to excellence in her team is evidenced by PEP’s client awards and consistently high evaluation scores. Rachel has a master’s degree in Industrial/Organizational Psychology and is a Workforce Excellence Baldrige Examiner.

Jaime A. Ramirez

Vice President

Jaime is an expert at implementing organization effectiveness and training solutions and is dedicated to improving the operating efficiency and culture of organizations. He draws on these skills when leading business development efforts and directing and managing staff and federal government contracts. He has been instrumental in expanding PEP’s capabilities in the human capital areas of assessing and improving organizational performance, training & development, program management, and building partnerships. Jaime has a master’s degree in Industrial/Organizational Psychology.