Human Capital Services

With a founder whose early grounding in workforce development helped shape her career and a Vice President who specializes in human capital and organization effectiveness, PEP has a strong foundation in human capital services. Building on that, we have accumulated a wealth of experience, from consulting on human resource policy, workforce planning, and employee engagement, to building cohesive and highly effective teams. Our services are informed by our own corporate culture and core values, which complement and reinforce our clients’ goals and inspire employees and contractors to work toward peak performance.

PEP’s capabilities include:
  • Human Resources Support
  • Human Resource Policy
  • Workforce Planning
  • Human Capital Accountability
  • Training and Development

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Supported a broad range of human capital initiatives within HRM, the division that manages human resource functions and supports NSF business units as they each establish a strategic direction and build the workforce required to fulfill their missions. Our expertise and assistance facilitated the design, development, and implementation of human capital solutions that strengthened HRM operational effectiveness and delivery of high-quality customer service, as well as agency reform activities; development and streamlining of policies and procedures; staffing and strategic workforce planning; employee relations; employee engagement, recognition, and retention; and overall human capital accountability.

“Our HC Accountability program is in great shape thanks to the work you did to deliver valuable resources, and…to establish what I honestly believe is the premier IAP program in the government. Your outstanding work will pay dividends for us, and other agencies, for years to come!”

Provided consulting and advisory support to the Office of Administration’s Human Resources Division (OA/HRD) in key areas, including HR policy and workforce and strategic planning. Working closely with OJP’s OA/HRD director, PEP’s HR specialists provided a significant depth of expertise in federal human resource practices to address and complete long-standing HR projects as well as new requirements. This close collaboration ensured that OJP’s human capital resources and efforts aligned to successfully meet OJP strategic goals and objectives.

Designed and administered a team effectiveness assessment for 90 OWI staff across five divisions. Response themes and priorities were established through quantitative and qualitative data analysis. Debrief and action planning sessions were conducted with each division to review the assessment results and facilitate the development of action plans fully owned by each team. Assessment results and action plans enabled teams to improve operational effectiveness.

Developed and implemented customer-specific trainings on Microsoft SharePoint, K2 workflows, change management, and operational processes. The result was enhanced technical skills and knowledge among program staff; better run programs that met established requirements, guidelines, and best practices; and roughly $450,000 in training cost savings.

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