Human Capital Services

Aligning people, policies, and processes to elevate the employee experience.

More than ever, organizations are looking to adapt and create efficiencies to better meet the challenges of the post-pandemic work environment. These include managing and supporting a hybrid or remote workforce as well as identifying areas and ways to retool their organization to better accommodate future growth and opportunities. At PEP, we are helping our clients to be more agile and operationally effective by aligning people, policies, processes, and practices while equipping leaders, developing talent, and elevating employee experiences. We partner with each client to achieve their particular goals and mission objectives with sustainable solutions that optimize the organization and empower employees and contractors to work toward peak performance.

PEP’s capabilities include:
  • Human Capital Strategy
  • Human Resource Policy
  • Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Accessibility (DEIA)
  • Employee Engagement and Experience
  • Strategic Outreach and Recruitment
  • Digital Marketing 
  • Strategic Communications
  • Human Capital Accountability
  • Operational Effectiveness
  • Business Process Improvement
  • Workforce Planning
  • Training & Professional Development
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Customer Successes:

Provided a broad range of human capital initiatives within HRM improving support to NSF business units engaged in establishing their strategic direction and building the workforce required to fulfill their missions. Our expertise and assistance facilitated the design, development, and implementation of human capital solutions that strengthened HRM operational effectiveness and delivery of high-quality customer service, as well as agency reform activities; business process documentation; development and streamlining of policies and procedures; strategic workforce planning; employee engagement, well-being, and experience, and overall human capital accountability.

“Our HC Accountability program is in great shape thanks to the work you did to deliver valuable resources, and…to establish what I honestly believe is the premier IAP program in the government. Your outstanding work will pay dividends for us, and other agencies, for years to come!”

Provides program and strategic workforce management support services that help USCG DCO-I-2 execute various global human resource (HR) projects, coordinate technical advisory teams, and integrate of all these DCO-I-2 HR efforts into the broader Maritime Infrastructure Protection Force (MIPF) programs for two foreign country partners. Some of these initiatives include identifying and resolving complex issues around structure and staffing; performing workforce planning, policy implementation, training, change management, mission alignment and HR systems alignment, as well as increasing the effectiveness of personnel that defend national security interests, for over 5,000 MIPF personnel.

“Effort put towards this complicated and complex contract has been exceptional. The totality of support provided by the Contractor has been wide-ranging, comprehensive, mission-focused, and impacting.”

Provides consulting and advisory support to the Office of Administration’s Human Resources Division (OA/HRD) in key areas, including HR policy, performance management, and strategic planning. Working closely with OJP’s OA/HRD director, PEP’s HR Specialist provides a significant depth of expertise in federal human resource practices to address and complete long-standing HR projects as well as new requirements. This close collaboration ensures that OJP’s human capital resources and efforts aligned to successfully meet OJP strategic goals and objectives.

“Deadlines were not typically given,…but contractor often submitted work quickly without need for corrections or edits.”

Provides subject matter expertise and support services to the Intelligence and Cybersecurity Diversity Fellowship (ICDF) Program designed to help DHS recruit a diverse and inclusive workforce. To cultivate the next generation of cybersecurity and intelligence talent, PEP is supporting strategy development and outreach to Minority Serving Institutions (MSIs) and Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs). PEP is also collaborating closely with OCHCO to design and deliver an experiential learning framework as well as provide branding, recruiting, marketing, stakeholder engagement, and events support for the ICDF program.

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