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Our Services

Since 1999, PEP has been exceeding client expectations in a diverse array of services with our flexibility, responsiveness, expertise, and inspired solutions. We have supported some of the most crucial national priorities, from cybersecurity to Air Force readiness. Year after year, we have successfully executed complex, multi-task projects, establishing PEP as a trusted partner to our government customers.

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With a founder whose early grounding in workforce development helped shape her career and a Vice President who specializes in human capital and organization effectiveness, PEP has a strong foundation in human capital services. Building on that, we have accumulated a wealth of experience, from consulting on human resource policy and labor relations to building cohesive and highly effective teams. Our services are informed by our own corporate culture and core values, which complement and reinforce our clients’ goals and inspire employees and contractors to work toward peak performance.

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PEP understands the importance of professional development and offers an array of service offerings designed to help organizations to train and prepare their workforce to achieve mission objectives with greater performance, efficiency, agility, and retention.

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PEP’s proven capabilities in this service area satisfy the needs of our clients from top to bottom, whether the requirement is project management, financial and budget support, broad organizational process improvement, or the detailed work of data analysis. Our breadth of experience and highly skilled teams have had measurable impact on the operations, employees, and facilities of our government, business, and non-profit customers. This, along with our consistent on-time and on-budget delivery, has built our reputation for outstanding service in a wide range of business areas.

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Increasing efficiency and effectiveness of people and processes within the workforce development system.

Our Workforce Development practice is built on a history of hands-on experience working directly with workforce system members at the local, state, regional and national levels. PEP has a history of outstanding performance supporting the success of numerous U.S. Department of Labor (DOL) grantees, programs, and initiatives through comprehensive program management, process improvement consulting, high-quality technical assistance (TA) products, and targeted training. Whether you need to build capacity, improve performance, engage communities of practice, or develop outreach programs, we work with you to design services to meet your particular goals.

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PEP clients benefit enormously from our versatility, our collaborative approach, and our over 20 years of experience supporting federally funded grantees. We recognize that there is no “one-size-fits-all” formula for assisting such wide-ranging programs as the launch of a new reporting system, enhancing youth career readiness, or expanding apprenticeship and employment opportunities. Our flexibility enables us to develop, assess, and continually refine the customized technical assistance, tools, and resources that are tailor-made to the specific needs of each program. The expertise we bring from our other service areas, Human Capital Services and Program and Business Operations Support, augments our ability to deliver the broad base of services that grantee support contracts require.

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PEP’s executive coaching practice focuses on helping small businesses and 8(a) business owners better align their organization to improve performance, overcome challenges, and respond to changing market demands.  Whether you are looking to improve value to customers, build integrated teams, and/or diversify your client portfolio to generate additional revenue, our experienced executive business coaches can guide and equip you to achieve your specific business goals.