Training & Professional Development

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Equipping leaders and developing talent

PEP understands the importance of professional development and offers an array of service offerings designed to help organizations train and prepare their workforce to achieve mission objectives with greater performance, efficiency, agility, and retention.


PEP has managed, developed, delivered, and facilitated hundreds of in-person and virtual trainings including workshops, webinars, conferences, and experiential learning experiences for thousands of participants as well as coaching and professional development training for a variety of federal, state and local agencies.


Whether your need is for onboarding, upskilling or advancing DEIA, PEP’s customer-focused approach to planning, managing, and delivering consulting services for curriculum development, workshop facilitation, and training is collaborative and guarantees that services and deliverables are customized and tailored to meet each customer’s specific requirements.


We also bring extensive experience facilitating web-based trainings, developing online resources (webinars and webcasts), and training the trainers to meet the needs of today’s virtual work environments.

PEP’s Capabilities (virtual and in-person) include:
  • Training Needs Assessment
  • Curriculum Development
  • Experiential Learning Design
  • Customized Technical & Programmatic Training
  • Instructional Systems Design/Development
  • Training Program Administration & Student Management
  • Facilitation (Content and Technical)
  • Resources Development
  • Peer Learning
  • Communities of Practice
  • Train the Trainer
  • Coaching
“PEP was easy to work with and went overboard to ensure that the finished product met our needs.” HHS/CDCP, NIOSH Training & Analytical Support Contract CPARS


To help you implement an effective learning solution, our team of learning experts and instructional designers work with you to assess your objectives and provide you with a customized program that best supports your specific needs. We assess your team, identify skill gaps, and implement a customized solution to transform your team, leaders, and organization.


Our process for designing and developing customized training solutions is based on industry best practices that produce content in a format that is fully engaging, informative, and seen as valuable by the target audience. After working with you to identify the training goals and objectives, we develop a comprehensive work plan based on a shared understanding of the requirements, and schedule that ensures the timely completion and delivery of high-quality curriculum and training resources. This process results in customize trainings, workshops, and resources that exceed client expectations while best meeting professional development needs.

As an approved California Workforce Association (CWA) California Training Initiative (CTI) provider, PEP brings our expertise and knowledge of workforce development best practices to offer a variety training topics designed to increase capacity, build more effective programs, and strengthen the workforce delivery system. We will work with you to tailor training content to address your particular requirements and audience.


Customer Successes:

In support of the Maritime Infrastructure Protection Force (MIPF) Training Advisory Group, PEP conducts training needs analysis, develops training modules, creates training plans, provides viable workforce development and training mix options, and supports the on-going delivery of 150+ USCG Training System-compliant training modules and course curriculums ensuring MIPF crews can complete assigned missions and secure critical maritime infrastructure facilities.

“Providing invaluable and impacting support to deployed teams engaged in international training and support is a unique skill set, and one that the [PEP team], and specifically their assigned key personnel, achieve exceedingly well.”

Provided quarterly two-day training sessions for Senior Executive Service and General Schedule employees at the supervisory and non-supervisory level to support the move to a telework environment. Training focused on leading virtual teams and leveraging current technology. Sessions included a mix of virtual and in-person participants. Strategies and tools provided by PEP increased the capability of supervisors to engaging remote workers, monitor performance, and improve the effectiveness of USMS meetings and collaboration efforts.

PEP provides student management and technology integration support for the Leader Development Course for Squadron Command, an educational experience for U.S. Air Force and Space Force Squadron Commanders. Establishing course coordination processes and procedures, PEP staff manages the scheduling and coordination activities (pre-, during and post-delivery) for both in-person and virtual learning formats, including help-desk type support and course evaluations. PEP’s Technology Integration staff ensures that all courses run smoothly and expertly managed the transition from fully in-person to fully virtual to enable continuity of service and overcome COVID restrictions during the pandemic. In keeping with our continuous improvement approach, we incorporated enhancements identified during that experience when transitioning back to fully in-person.

“The admin was tight! For such a new course, I was impressed at how well run the admin and logistics were. It all ran like clockwork.”

“… a leadership experience that highlights diversity and teaches skills to engage all stakeholders.”