Capabilities Statements

PEP’s capabilities have been honed through the successful completion of 74 prime federal government contracts. PEP’s internal processes are ISO certified, and our ability to exceed expectations is demonstrated by the number of our repeat customers and our average evaluation scores.

On the strength of our past performance and accomplishments, PEP was awarded two best-in-class GSA contracts (HCaTS SB Pool 2 and OASIS SB Pool 1), and we have successfully competed for task orders on each vehicle. Our general capabilities statement, along with statements specific to workforce development and the HCaTS and OASIS service areas, are provided below.

PEP Capabilities
PEP HCaTS SB Pool 2 Capabilities
PEP OASIS SB Pool 1 Capabilities
PEP Workforce Development Capabilities
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PEP Simplified Acquisition and Micro-Purchase Ready Services