Tools and Tips for Managing a Remote Work Environment

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In my previous blog, “What My Company Learned as an Early Adopter of Remote Work,” I explained how PEP worked as a fully or mostly remote organization right from our inception – at a time when working virtually was a rare practice. I also shared some of the strategies we have used throughout the years […]

What My Company Learned as an Early Adopter of Remote Work

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When I first started Performance Excellence Partners (PEP) 22 years ago to provide federal contracting services and business consulting, most corporate professionals were commuting to central offices to work side by side. PEP’s “place of business” was an intangible expanse connected by phone and internet.   Having a remote workforce in different time zones enabled […]

PEP Transitions to All Virtual with Non-Traditional Hybrid Workspace

Photos of PEP's new hybrid workspace

Having led the way in telecommuting with staff members across the country, PEP is taking its flexible work approach a step further by transitioning to a completely virtual work model. As part of this recasting, the company is relocating from its current traditional office building to a versatile, hybrid space at the Pacific City ocean-front […]

Leading Your Organization Through Change

Leading Change

If the pandemic has taught us anything, it’s that we must find ways to adapt to unexpected change. Adapting to planned strategic change can also be a challenge. The advancement and management of this type of change within an organization is one of an executive’s most sought-after capabilities.   Realigning a management structure, swapping out […]

Creating a Culture of Employee-Centric Development in Federal Agencies

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The current learning culture in the federal government is weighted heavily toward formal training prescribed by certification or competency requirements. Creating a culture that balances organizational requirements with employee-driven development will animate a workforce development strategy that measurably improves employee performance and engagement. We need to foster a culture within the federal government that empowers […]

Employer Engagement Tips from PEP’s Workforce Development Experience

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As we all know, employer engagement is a top priority for any workforce development organization or program. Through supporting 150+ U.S. Department of Labor, Employment and Training Administration grantees, Performance Excellence Partners, LLC (PEP) saw first-hand the challenges workforce programs face in securing employer partners. We compiled the information we used when supporting grantees into […]