PEP Transitions to All Virtual with Non-Traditional Hybrid Workspace

Having led the way in telecommuting with staff members across the country, PEP is taking its flexible work approach a step further by transitioning to a completely virtual work model. As part of this recasting, the company is relocating from its current traditional office building to a versatile, hybrid space at the Pacific City ocean-front mall in the heart of Huntington Beach, California.


PEP’s plans were already in progress when Jim Keane and Todd Heiser wrote in the Harvard Business Review: “By all indications the future of work is hybrid: 52% of U.S. workers would prefer a mix of working from home and the office, saying it has a positive impact on their ability to be creative, solve problems and build relationships. Global research tells us 72% of corporate leaders plan to offer a hybrid model …”


PEP’s new high-style, glass-fronted work hub provides a bright and airy spot for the company’s corporate team to meet clients or collaborate as a group. Individual staff members can also enjoy it as a change of environment from their home offices. With the additional goal of reducing environmental impact, office work will be primarily digital to reduce paper as well as clutter.


PEP is also on trend in making its new space adaptable to several uses. With a flexible configuration of compact furniture, much of which can be folded and stowed, the room can be used for traditional work tasks, sit-down conferences, informal meetings, or stand-up gatherings.


Beyond that, there is the ability to transform from workplace to public space. The walls display the artwork of a local painter, adding energy and ambience, and inviting passersby to stop and look. In off hours, the space can be utilized for small public events or socially minded purposes. This gives PEP a tangible connection to its community, an important ideal for CEO and President, Rachel E. Ramirez, who founded PEP as a company that values family, community, diversity, and work-life balance.


PEP can also help federal agencies respond to today’s operational and workflow challenges, particularly during the busy end of the fiscal year. With an array of services that fall under the simplified acquisition threshold (PEP Simplified Acquisition Capabilities Statement), PEP offers trainings in virtual team collaboration, change management, and workforce development, as well as support for improving telework practices and policies, virtual and in-person meeting facilitation, and more.




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