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Program Management & Operations Support

PEP provides program and project management services that fit your needs, from running a traditional Project Management Office (PMO); supporting program development, launch, and ongoing management for internal programs and initiatives; to supporting daily operations including project schedules, business processes, budgets, staffing, and administrative functions.  Key support areas include the following:

  • Develop and facilitate the implementation of new or revised internal programs, projects, and initiatives
  • Provide project planning, task management, work plan development and execution
  • Use a proven process for work scheduling, cost and quality controls and cost estimation
  • Support project scope and risk management, surge support and resource allocation
  • Develop and support program communications, project reporting and program status reviews
  • Conduct work flow process mapping and implement process efficiency improvements
  • Conduct operational reviews and implement standard operating procedures
  • Support federal personnel documentation and human resource services including hiring, staff retention, employee development, performance management, employee recognition and onboarding/exit processes
  • Provide executive secretariat services including clerical, scheduling, mail, word processing, correspondence management, records management, reproduction services and travel coordination (with expertise in GOVTrip)
  • Logistical planning and facilities management support for meetings, conferences and forums

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Here's what our customers have to say:

"PEP relations with NE are very much oriented to the customer.  PEP is highly responsive to changing needs and special tasks." DOE-NE

"…understands that accomplishment of the mission is critical, and will do whatever it takes to get the job done.  Finance staff and Word Processing were crucial to the successful delivery of the FY 2014 Budget Request." DOE-SPR

"…outstanding work on SharePoint training on a one-on-one basis with many DOE personnel…deserve special recognition for working closely with DOE Information Technology to prepare a complete business environment for the Source Evaluation Board (SEB) separate office.  This installation went from PCs on the desktops to Enterprise Applications (MS Office 365 etc.) in the cloud.  This is a "first of its kind" cloud implementation for SPRPMO and, perhaps, in all of DOE as a complete operating, self-sustained environment." DOE-SPR

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