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Meeting & Conference Planning

PEP has expertise in planning and running client conferences, meetings, and other events. This includes live in-person events, web-based virtual engagements or combination of both.  PEP will partner with you to establish and execute a meeting plan that addresses your business needs and budget, managing aspects such as overall engagement scope, agendas, meeting content and materials, marketing, registration, speakers / trainers, securing meeting locations and facilities, hotel accommodations and travel, web conferencing services, food services, negotiating and managing vendor costs and more.

PEP has expertise and a proven process to facilitate the planning and execution of virtual web-based meetings, which support travel budget limitations.  Whether you require a smaller web-based meeting with just a few people or a larger web-conference meeting with many people and locations, PEP can help you achieve your goals.  See the virtual meeting infographic and screen shots to the right from actual PEP client meetings, using multiple locations, people, webcams, and web meeting software.

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