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Information Management and Security

PEP provides information management and information security services to support mission operations, uphold information management requirements and facilitate efficient information systems use. 

Key support areas include the following:

  • Manage agency document tracking; clearance and control process, such as personnel information, correspondence and communications, budget and finance information, project schedules, action/decision documents, confidential reports and more
  • Develop and maintain personnel and project information databases within existing Federal information systems, including Microsoft SharePoint, to support accurate and efficient capture, storage, retrieval and transfer of information
  • Develop and implement automated, secure information system workflows to facilitate better information transfer and approvals

PEP continues to provide such services to the U.S. Department of Energy, Office of Nuclear Energy and the Strategic Petroleum Reserve; and the U.S. Department of Homeland Security, Office of Cyber Security and Communications, where information management and security requirements are rigorous and the proper expertise to support agency work is needed.  See the examples to the right, which represent the extensive work PEP does to support the Strategic Petroleum Reserve, Project Management Office, in capturing and tracking numerous information inputs to create a manageable Assessment Tracing System (ATS).  Click on each image to enlarge.

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