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Human Resource Services

PEP provides strategic human resource (HR) consultation services to help organizations: 1) assess operational and employee performance, 2) develop and implement organization and employee performance improvement strategies, and 3) evaluate strategy implementation effectiveness and make adjustments.

Our core HR services include:

Change Management
How often do organizations implement change without preparing their people and the organization?  Does operational performance decrease during times of significant change?  PEP helps organizations mitigate the impact of change by supporting appropriate phased project implementation, developing and executing change readiness plans, and facilitating the adoption of change by leaders and employees.  Click here to see a recent example of PEP’s work in the change management arena.

Organization Effectiveness
Organizations must regularly assess their operational performance in multiple areas to determine its overall effectiveness and what improvements need to be made.  PEP works with clients to develop customized organizational assessments, analyze results, develop meaningful and practical strategies for improvement, and implement strategies to achieve positive results. Click here to see a recent example of PEP’s work in the Organization Effectiveness arena.

HR Administration Support
Organizations sometimes need additional back-office support to keep HR processes running.  PEP supports these needs by providing on-site or off-site resources to help you with talent acquisition (recruitment, hiring, and on-boarding processing) and talent management (compensation and benefits processing, performance management, and off-boarding processing).

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