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Financial & Budget Management

Federal Financial Management Systems expertise, financial data analysis, and performance-based budget development:

  • Federal Financial Management System (FFMS) expertise
  • Economic data collection tools and support for Standard Accounting and Reporting Systems (STARS), Strategic Integrated Procurement Enterprise Systems (STRIPES), Budget Execution and Reporting System (BEARS), and Budget and Reporting Codes (BARCS)
  • Financial data analysis, reporting, reconciliation, and statement preparation
  • Performance-based budget development, planning, formulation, execution, evaluation, and documentation
  • Development of Under Funded and Over Guidance Requests
  • Creation of fiscal training programs and cost and fiscal performance reports
  • Appraisal, audit processes, and audit information systems

PEP recently received recognition from the U.S. Department of Homeland Security, Cybersecurity and Communications, Budget, Finance and Acquisition Office for its contributions in analyzing Unfunded Requirements (UFRs) for FY 2013 and the identification of over $42 million of UFRs, resulting in the execution of over $12 million in budgetary resources!

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