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PEP currently delivers project and program management service to the U.S. Departments of Energy and Homeland Security to support these agencies in achieving operational excellence.

PEP received the Small Business Administration's 2011 "Protégé of the Year" Award for its work with U.S. Department of Energy, Nuclear Energy and IBM. 

Thanks to PEP's participation in the Small Business Administration's 8(a) Business Development Program, mentorship provided by IBM, and the opportunity to provide services the the U.S. Department of Energy, Office of Nuclear Energy, PEP was able to achieve this honorable award!  We are very thankful to our partners in this effort.  View our award video to the right for more information.

PEP establishes mentor relationships with talented 8(a), EDWOSB firms High Impact Partners, Inc. and Lista Design Studios, Inc.  PEP is a graduate of the 8(a) program and is pleased to share development expertise with these firms.

Not only does PEP value strategic alliances and partnerships in doing business, but it also believes in giving back to newer, growing firms.  Not too long ago, PEP participated in the Small Business Administration's 8(a) Business Development Program where it gained valuable opportunities to work on 8(a) contracts, receive mentorship from larger firms like IBM, and develop as a company.  PEP also received the 2011 Protégé of the Year Award under this program!  Now, PEP is making an effort to develop two talented 8(a), EDWOSB firms to help them establish significant federal contracting opportunities and develop competitive and optimized internal operations.

To learn more about High Impact Partners (HIP), Inc. and Lista Design Studios, Inc., click on the links to view their Capability Statements:

HIP Capability Statement

Lista Capability Statement


PEP recently worked with the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS), Office of Family Assistance (OFA), to help this organization and its community of 32 grantee organizations move in a new direction to embrace technology as a means of doing business.

The project consisted of several major elements including:

  • Development and implementation of a new community website,
  • Implementation of a password-protected social media site,
  • Management of a multi-phased IT implementation rollout,
  • Implementation of change readiness plans to facilitate user adoption of new website and social media tools, and
  • Implementation of progressive a virtual meeting technology.

The result was increased virtual communication, collaboration, and knowledge sharing among staff, coaches and stakeholders within this grantee community!

Click on each of the two infographics to the right for more information on social media tools and virtual meetings.  Click on the HPOG Community Website image to the right to visit the website.

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